Welcome to “a-rakuan”


Welcome to “a-rakuan” that is open and located at Kusugaoka-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe.

a-rakuan provides the Ju-jutsu related Seitai treatments to the people who have joint-related aches to improve their condition better. The method is called as Nanryu Seitai・Kiko Jutsu (南龍整体・気功術).

Nanryu Seitai・Kiko Jutsu was developed by adding new ideas on the alternative techniques of Sekiguchi-ryu Ju-jutsu (関口流柔術).

Sekiguchi-ryu Ju-jutsu is one of the oldest Japanese martial arts and was established approximately four hundred years ago.
The alternative techniques mean how to fix or heal joint-related accidents or problems in case the disciples or practitioners had the accidents during their Ju-jutsu practices.

The key point of excuting Sekiguchi-ryu Ju-jutsu is to use one’s consciousness or sense, not to use the physical power. Therefore Nanryu Seitai・Kiko Jutsu, which inherits the genes of Sekiguchi-ryu Ju-Jutsu, provides the treatments without power, so there would be no pain basically.

By means of Nanryu Seitai・Kiko Jutsu, a-rakuan adjusts contortions or misalignments of pelvises and/or hip joints, and helps removing and improving various pains and discomfort of bodies fundamentally, which are caused by the contortions and misalignments.

The customers who got the treatments of Nanryu Seitai・Kiko Jutsu have been giving us feedback like “ah- I feel easier-“.

To those who had the experience that any clinics or facilities you visited could not remove or reduce your pain or discomfort of joints or around them, it would be worth visiting a-rakuan once to try the treatments of Nanryu Seitai・Kiko Jutsu.
a-rakuan would try to improve the pain or discomfort of your joints or around them fundamentally by the unique and original methods.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards,
Nobu as the master of a-rakuan

Fee: One treatment ¥6,000 (Incl. c-tax)
※Health Insurance could not be applied

Time: One treatment around 45 min. (Depending on each condition or situation)

Reservation required by tel. or e-mail 
Tel.: 050-7119-3654
e-mail: info@a-rakuan.com

Treatment reception time:
10:00 AM 〜 6:00 PM 

Days off vary

3-7-10-102, Kusugaoka-cho
Nada-ku, Kobe-city
10~15 minutes walking from Hankyu Rokko
A coin parking on the west of a-rakuan

Master of a-rakuan: Nobuyuki Miki